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Garden refuse ONLYGrass, Leaves, Small branches

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Our Service

Garden Drums charges a monthly garden refuse removal fee for the use of a garden refuse drum, or plastic refuse bag collection.

  • The garden refuse drum is a 210-liter steel drum with lid (one or more),
  • the bag collection is the normal household sized refuse bags.

The cleaning of the garden drum, and bag collection, is done weekly.


Garden refuse is supplied to compost manufacturers surrounding Johannesburg.

Therefor, the garden refuse must be clean – no paper, plastic or any other non-bio degradable items.

This is quite time consuming and we ask that customers communicate with their gardeners to assist us in this regard.

The plastic bags used for garden refuse, is emptied out and collected for disposal at a plastic recycling point.

Garden refuse is NOT dumped at landfill sites.

About us

Garden Drums specializes in garden refuse removal in the Johannesburg and surrounding areas specifically Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, Sandton and Randburg.

Garden Drums does NOT:

  • do once-off cleanups
  • cut grass / branches etc
  • do pickups of boxes, paper, glass
  • do pickups of rubble – sand, bricks etc

Business hours – Monday to Friday – 7h30 to 17h00




210 litre


1 x Drum = R210 pm

2 x Drum = R420 pm

3 x Drum = R630 pm

4 x Drum = R840 pm




Standard household


4 Bags/wk = R144 pm

6 Bags/wk = R216 pm

8 Bags/wk = R288 pm

10 Bags/wk = R360 pm

Additional Service

  • With cleanups and seasonal cutbacks – member customers can request a 1 cube bulk bag at a cost of R300 per bag.
  • When new customers sign up, we can supply an 1 cube bulk bag for the backlog. First bag is FREE of charge. Additional bags will be charged at normal rates. 

    • If the backlog consist of already bagged garden refuse, the 1st 10 bags will be FREE of charge, thereafter a charge of R15 per bag will apply.
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