Garden Refuse Removal Roodepoort, Randburg, Krugersdorp and Sandton

Garden Refuse Removal

Garden refuse removal service in Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, Sandton and Randburg.

“Do not let your garden refuse go to waste”


Garden Drums was established in 2006.

We specialize in the removal of garden refuse from residential properties (houses and complexes), with specific focus in areas such as Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, Sandton and Randburg.

We believe, we contribute to the environment by collecting garden refuse that is then turned into compost.

Garden refuse is supplied to compost manufacturers surrounding Johannesburg.


Therefor, the garden refuse must be clean – no paper, plastic or any other non-bio degradable items. We ask customers to communicate with their gardeners to assist us in this regard.


The plastic bags used for garden refuse, is emptied out and collected for disposal at a plastic recycling point.

Garden refuse is NOT dumped at landfill sites.



Fedup with the hassle and inconvenience!!


We can help!!


You fill it,

We clean it!!


Garden refuse remocal

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Garden Drums does NOT:

do once-off cleanups,
cut grass / branches etc,
do pickups of boxes, paper, glass or
do pickups of rubble – sand, bricks etc

Our service is Pick-up-and-Go

  • Monthly service fees
  • Weekly Pick-ups



PHILIP – 082 782 4864

DEON – 082 561 9147




Garden drum

  • 1 x Drum = R250 pm
  • 2 x Drum = R500 pm
  • 3 x Drum = R750 pm
  • 4 x Drum = R1000 pm

Plastic Bag Collection

  • 4 Bags/week = R176 pm
  • 6 Bags/week = R264 pm
  • 8 Bags/week = R352 pm
  • 10 Bags/week = R440 pm


BULK BAGS – 1 Cube

Existing Customers – With cleanups and seasonal cutbacks – please request a 1 cube bulk bag – R400 per bag.

New Customers – we supply a 1 cube bulk bag for backlog’s.

First bulk bag is FREE of charge. Additional bags will be charged at R400 per bag. 

Already bagged garden refuse (plastic bags), the 1st 10 plastic bags will be FREE of charge, thereafter a charge of R16 per bag will apply.


Garden refuse ONLY

Grass, Leaves, Small branches

Business hours – Monday to Friday – 7h00 to 16h00

We use  on all our vehicles.